Further Support

Students experiencing difficulties with their learning can be referred to the Catholic Education Melbourne for an assessment. Before a referral is submitted, the classroom teacher and parents/guardian will have had several discussions, and school based assessments will also have been undertaken.

Referrals to the Catholic Education Melbourne can be for the following concerns: social & emotional issues, chronic health, severe language disorder and intellectual disability. Before a referral is submitted, the student's parents/guardians, classroom teacher, school referral committee and in some situations, the local doctor and pediatrician have all been in consultation.

Once a diagnosis is made the classroom teacher and Student Support Consultant from the Catholic Education Melbourne will work together to outline a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) that will best support the student in his/her learning.

The students' ongoing progress will continue to be discussed and monitored at a Program Support Group (PSG) meeting. The PSG is made up of the parents, classroom teacher, CEO Student Support Consultant and Student Support Officers.