First aid at Our Ladys

Medication at school.

Prescription and over the counter Medication

If your child requires medication such as Antibiotics that have been prescribed by a doctor then the attached form needs to be filled in and sent along to school with the Medication.

All medication MUST be it's original bottle or box with the instructiions on it. The instructions printed on the box/bottle can not be changed by the parent and staff at Our Lady's are only allowed to administer as per the instructions.

Medication which is purchased over the counter has to also have the attched form filled in. The medication also must be in the original bottle or packet with the manufacturers instructions on it. Quantity and times are followed as per the instructions and cannot be altered unless directed by a doctors letter. Over the counter medication can not be given to the students by staff for any more than 3 days after this time a letter from the doctor is required.


As required Medication

Medication such as Ventolin and Antihistamine can be given to the staff member who will store in the first aid cabinet for when the student requires it. Medications must be in boxes or bottles with their names on it.

Asthma medication and epipens require a medication plan from your doctor. All medications that are stored in the first aid room are not avalible for other students use.



School Insurance.

Our Lady's Primary school has taken out the "School Care Policy" with Catholic Church Insurances Limited. This is a basic insurance that covers the students while they are at school or participating in school activities.


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