General Information


Notification of any absences can be done by filling in the Absence area on the Compass app.

If you don't have the app then a written note specifying the dates of absences, must be provided to your child's teacher after each absence. If at all possible, the school should be notified in advance of absences. 

It would be appreciated if family vacations were arranged within the school holiday times if possible if not these need to be notifed to the school prior to the student taking the leave.

Emergency contact details

So that our records can be kept up to date, please notify the school of any changes in address, telephone numbers, emergency contacts, etc. If you have an unlisted (silent) telephone number, also let us know so we can ensure your privacy is maintained. In the case of an emergency the school will immediately contact you so that you can collect your child or approve appropriate medical attention.

This information can also be relayed to the school via the Compass app

Lost and Found Property

Lost and found property is situated at the main office. It is important to name all your child's clothing. We keep on hand a small quantity of clothing for loan to children on those occasions when a change is necessary. Please return this clothing as soon as possible after laundering. It is advisable that Prep children keep a change of underwear, shorts and socks in their school bag.

Mobile Phones/ Electronic Devices

Mobile phones/ Electronic devices are to be handed in to the office before school starts and can be collected at the end of the day. They are not to be stored in student's bags or the classroom. 


Students leaving the School grounds

Under no circumstances are pupils permitted to leave the school grounds without permission. Request for permission must be made in writing by the parent.

School Crossing

We have two supervised crossings outside the school. All children should cross Craigieburn or Bridgewater Roads at the crossings where the Crossing Supervisors can control the movements both of the children and cars.

Traffic Control

Parents are asked for the safety of our children to obey all traffic signs and to take great care. All parking should be done in the Tennis Club car park, in the service road of Craigieburn Rd, or in the designated drop off zone in Bridgewater Rd. Cars MUST NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES enter the school grounds or the Teacher's car park when dropping off or picking up children.

Sign in and out procedure

Parents  needing to take their children early from classes must sign the Ipad located at the General office before taking their child from the school. The same procedure applies for Late students. Students are not permitted to sign themselves in or out of the school. This must be completed by a parent or guardian.

School Visitors

It is a rule that all visitors MUST report directly to the General Office to sign in the Ipad and obtain a Visitors pass. Upon leaving the school premises, visitors are requested to sign out of the school and return the pass. Under no circumstances should parents/ visitors move around the school bulidings/grounds without 'signing in".

Classroom Photos

Class photographs are taken each year. Students have a class and individual photo taken. Family group photographs may be taken upon request. Students receive the prints to take home on the condition parents have prepaid the photographer. There is no obligation to order photographs. The uniform requirements for the day will be advertised on Compass prior to photo day.

Emergency Management

We have established evacuation procedures which are clearly displayed in each room around the school. The whole school practises the procedures regularly.