School Bell Times

8.40am:    Music -  students move to their classrooms
8.50am:    Bells -    students move into classrooms - Administration duties and roll call are completed at this time
11.30am:  Bells -    students move outside for the big play (lunch) break
12.07pm:  Music -  students move to their classrooms
12.10pm:  Bells -    lunch break eating time, students eat in class
12.20pm:  Bells -    learning time begins
2.00pm:    Bells -    students move outside for their afternoon breakMusic - students move to their classrooms
2.37pm:    Music -  students move back to their classrooms 
2.40pm:    Bells -    classes begin
3.30pm:    Bells -    Students are dismissed for the day


Yard Supervision

Playgrounds are supervised at recess and lunch times. They are also supervised by 2 staff between 8.30am and 8.50am, and again from 3.30pm until 3.45pm. 

At present there are 6 teachers on playground duty at any one time. Students should be encouraged to seek necessary assistance from these teachers. On wet days, and days of extreme heat or cold, students are brought inside.

End of Day Collection  -  Dismissal is 3.30pm

Students are supervised for collection in the basketball court area. Parents are asked to wait in this area to collect their children.

If for any reason you are running late please ring the office, 9308 2011

Student not collected by 3.45pm will be sent to After School Care. A fee will be charged for this service.

Wet Weather

On wet days students are supervised indoors.

Hot Weather

When the temperature reaches 35 degree Celsius, students are supervised indoors.